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19th May 2018

Usually it rains on a Saturday! but not today the sun shone and provoked enthusiasm for the prearation of the unveiling of the memorial wall. war graves to tidy, sunken graves to fill.
we hope that our new volunteer enjoyed the morning and that she continues joining in. Well done everyone.








21st April 2018

As I compose this post I take a look out of the window and it's persisting down, so thankyou for the sun yesterday, the Saturday team completed the cutting back of the Rhodedendron hedge, spring work started on the Ashton Memorial and the photographing of the WW1 war graves is now completed and ready to be catalogued with the list of names provided by our historian Tony. The Memorial wall has had the first plaque installed and looking good the town should be proud of this tribute to the Darwen Fallen.






7th April 2018

By now if you have been following my post for the Friends of Darwen Cemetery, you will know that Saturday is the day for it to rain, and this week was no different. But, as usual our team depleted as it was continued undaunted.

The Rhodidendrons at the main entrance are still an issue but the project is nearly finished well done everyone. as you can see from the pictures that so many graves have been uncovered since we embarked on this project.

Also this week as the 100year celebration of the end of WW1 draws closer we had to photograph the war graves and memorials of the WW1 fallen that are in our cemetery, not an easy task. July 1st is the unveiling of the memorial wall and we are hopefully on track.






24th March 2018

A tad late with our post this week, but better late than never.
The weather was great and so it was bow saws and loppers to the ready and the team continued with the trimming of the rhodies at the main entrance to the cemetery.

As usual we had to work to the restraints of the measuring stick that some members just do not understand (you know who you are A W)
It really is surprising how much you take down and the row still looks too high, the waste to be moved at a later date when we have finished the cutting down. the Memorial wall is coming on a treat and hpoefully on schedule for July 1st.
We are still looking for volunteers every other Saturday or every Thursday morning a couple of hours in good company and the satisfaction of helping your community.






24th February 2018

Well it's Saturday again doesn't time fly. The saturday group were split into two work parties, one to move branches already cut down and ready to be transported to another section and once again thanks to Diane the task was completed much quicker than we thought. The other group continued cutting down the Rhodendrons and weaving the thinner branches to make an arch. Further in to the cemetery near the ashes garden the memorial wall is really taking shape thank you to Brent Stevenson who also has contributed the granite plaques.We are aiming to have the wall, tiles and granite plaques ready for July 1st to commemorate the end of the first world war the date is considered to be the most appropriate as it is Sommne day. the plaques will contain the names of the war dead buried in the cemetery and their location, the wicker tiles will represent the trenches, a leaflet is to be reproduced which will contain all of those from Darwen who died in this war. Further reports to follow.






13th January 2018

First Saturday work party of the New Year. And no rain! Thankfully a good turnout as the task today needed all hands to the pumps, continuing the cutting back of the much overgrown rhododendron’s at the main gate the team set to after a photo call with the Lancashire Telegraph, and as usual (not much) enthusiasm was displayed (see photograph). Setting too, the team worked really hard to enhance the entrance to the cemetery, many thanks to the Thursday team and all that made today a great start to the New Year.







18th November 2017

Saturday morning and a really good turn out this week, our assignment this week was to trim the rhodedendron hedges at the main entrance, this hopefully would give some continuity with others in the cemetery, Mick provided us with 3 measuring sticks so that we could keep the height to 8ft 6 ins. also it has become an annual event for Anne to display her hand made Christmas wreaths and grave ornaments for sale. (Please support), amazingly the rain held off and by the end of the session a remarkable amount had been acheived.
Thank you to everybody.





7th October 2017

So Saturday and as usual it's wet but we have a cunning plan, new plan of attack under General Maintenance. Paths, Leaves and Bushes, removed or trimmed, some of our group had to leave and report to the Heritage centre in town to man our display alongside other friends groups, the footfall could have been better but fair play the weather worsened but a massive thank you to all who helped and/or attended.
On a more serious note if you are walking your dog through the Cemetery
PLEASE bag your dogs Poo, you know who you are and the Ashes garden is possibly the last place to leave it, please show some respect. Thankyou


23rd September 2017

Well! it's that time of the year again, when the FODC complete our grave maintenance, we do this several times during the year for people who make a contribution to keep their loved ones graves tidy. We set out in teams of two to clean and tidy the graves on our list and to also do some general maintenance on the paths.



July 29th 2017

I missed the last working party due to a prior arrangement, so it was a pleasure to meet up with everyone to continue with our work and to discuss all what has happened in the few weeks past. There was of course talk of the article in the press regarding the lack of grass maintenance, but as the council have declined responsibility the conversation closed after agreeing to ignore negative comments, and carried on with our given tasks, thanks to all who attended and thankyou Anne who consistantly repairs and maintains the drains on her own. Our new Sail Banners are on display advertising the group please come and join in if only for a few hours, Thank you to all of our supporters


June 17th 2017

What a beautiful morning to set to, and under orders, we tried to prune all of the privet hedges, both outside and inside of the cemetery, starting with the south lodge, the war grave section and the cross of sacrifice. regular viewers will notice that Steve and Terry are not on the photographs, they had the unenviable task of digging up roots on the old C of E chapel site and I forgot anyway. The ladies did a great job in the nature garden, so it was a very rewarding work party. The new grass cutting scheme appears to be working, some people are for and some are against, but if the council will not do it then needs must. Thank you to all this morning and thanks again to the Thursday party.


June 3rd 2017

Doesnt time fly? its another Saturday already, and again we are blessed with the weather, so the main task this week was to level and widen the areas that are to be mowed also the sides of the paths had to be cleaned and straightened, a backbreaking job that was tackled with the usual enthusiasm,
other jobs included cutting down the new sprouting branches that were only cut back last year. Thankyou to every one who helped today with a special mention to Andrew who with his trusty Quad and trailer moved a mound of waste for us







May 20th 2017

Well here we are and another Satuday has crept up, and as I missed the last working party I was pleased that the sun was shining. The project for the next few weeks is to rid the site of the tree stumps on the Church of England Chaple site, easier said than done, but undaunted here we go, The ladies meanwhile had the task of getting rid of the lower branches on several overgrown trees. Well we all thought that it was going rather well when the heavens opened so we all felt B(W)etter for that!!!






April 22nd 2017

I really did have to check the date today!. Saturday and the sun was out. Arriving at the cemetery the Sat team are raring to go, and the task this week was to tidy the area that had had a 30ft tree growing in the middle of a grave, we had employed a tree surgeon to fell and cut the tree into movable lengths, on the way over to the site it was great to see that our hard work was paying off and as you can see the areas photographed are looking good. Unfortunately on arrival at the site we could see that the phantom wood thief had paid a visit again, but this time they had created a fair amount of damage, obviously no thought about what we try to achieve, we don't mind you taking the wood but perhaps you and your mates could put in a few hours of help and then take some wood AND not like a thief in the night.






March 11th 2017

Well I could not believe that it was Saturday and not a sign of the wet stuff, Lots to do and willing helpers available, As you can see a lot was achieved in the few hours that we were there, but if you could spare a couple of hours every other Saturday you would be very wecome.







February 25th 2017

A good number of years ago a song was published called Somewhere the Sun is Shining, Well it certainly does not mean here in Darwen cemetery, So continuing my reports of the activities of the FODC its Saturday and its raining AGAIN, if the rain isn't bad enough Doris has left her trail, not as bad as expected but the Thursday group had to call off their session due to the danger of the high winds and the torrential rain. Cotinuing with the theme of cutting back we set too and as usual well pleased with the result. Thank you to everyone who turned up on a dismal morning, Well done.






February 11th 2017

Well two weeks have gone by since our last Saturday working party and it is still raining and cold, but once again the team set too with shears, loppers, axes and everything needed to clip, prune and tidy up what we can in the three hours that we are in the cemetery, it is safe to say that for as much progress that we make there is still so much to do, that once again the FODC appeals to you, to spare a few hours a month to help us to restore this beautiful old testiment to the people of Darwen.






January 28th 2017

As I have said before if it is raining it must be Saturday, well its raining, cold and miserable, but continuing with the great effort by the Thursday group we set too to complete the cutting back of the rhodedendron bushes at the main entrance, we had the benifit of the Tractor again so many thanks there, as you can see there are more graves exposed and now have easier access for the families if they wish to locate their family graves, at least another 50 graves are now accessable so well done both teams. Next Saturday working party 11th February Please join us if you can.






January 14th 2017

Happy New Year everyon.Our first Saturday working party of 2017, at least the snow has cleared and in the shelter of the wall the wind does not interfere. Setting to with a new plan of action section one was the target of intent. We missed the ones who could not join us get well soon we need all hands to the pump at our next meeting as the large container and tractor have been requested.




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