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The Research Group are researching various people buried in the cemetery

Do you have any information on any of the following? 
If so contact Tony Foster on 
BECKETT, William, (1811-1888), died 13th Jun 1888 
BECKETT, Eli, (1855-1909), died 30th Dec 1909 
BECKETT, James Dickson, (c1837-1887), died 26 Oct 1887, buried in Australia 

BRIGGS, James, (c1829-1878), died 2nd Oct 1878, Bandmaster -Darwen Temperance Band 
CROSS , Robert, (1797-1867), died 11th Oct 1867, Town Cryer 
ECCLES, Edgar E, ( -1916), died 7th Oct 1916, killed in France 
ECCLES, Joseph, ( -1887), died 1st Feb 1887 in Russia 
ENTWISLE, Richard, (c1821-1868), died 13th Mar 1868, Contractor 
 HEAP, Thomas, (c1882-1916), died 17th Jul 1916, killed in France
HEAVYSIDE, William, (c1817-1873), died 6th Mar 1873, builder

HINDLE, Catherine, (c1842-1880), died 15th May 1880 

HINDLE, Catherine, (c1810-1891), died 1st Nov 1891 
HINDLE, John, (c1802-1863), died 16th Dec 1863 
HINDLE, John, (c1839-1864), died 27th Oct 1865

HINDLE, John, (c1822-1897), died 25th Dec 1897 

HINDLE, Thomas (c1836-1867), died 30th Mar 1867

HINDLE, William Henry, (c1866-1889) died, 15th Feb 1889 in Essex 

LEADLEY, Robert, (c1826-1887), died 24th Oct 1887

LIGHTBOWN, Elizabeth Hammond, (c1835-1905), died 8th Dec 1905
LIGHTBOWN, Martha, (c1820-1860), died 12th Jun 1860

LIGHTBOWN, Roger, (c1824-1901), died 11th May 1901

NIGHTINGALE, Joseph, (c1841-1884), died 9th Aug 1884, Pioneer of the Darwen Weavers Association

ORRELL, R, (1894 -1915), died 15th Jul 1915

PRESTON, Richard, (1804-1868), died 3rd Jul 1868

RIDGE, John, (c1826-1899), died 17th Feb 1899, 
First cemetery registrar

TOWNLEY, Oliver, (c1888-1917), died 26th Oct 1917, 
killed in France
WRAITH, Dorothy, (1801-1880), died 16th Dec 1880

WRAITH, Ellen, (c1797-1866), died 28th Aug 1866
WARDLEY, John, (c1847-1912), died 14th Jul 1912

We have produced an 8 Page Booklet to go with our previous Tour of the Cemetery, which contains the history of some of the Graves which have already been researched, these include the Graves of the Ashton Family, Isaac Marsden, Thomas Eccles, the Haworth Family, Agnes Lissette Lyall, Eccles (Ashton) Shorrock, 
Walmsley Preston, Timothy Lightbrown 
and the War Grave of Alfred Edmund Ward, plus others.

If you would like further information on either the next Cemetery Tour or a copy of this Booklet 
please click on the link below

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