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Quiz time!

Have a go at our Cemetery Quiz! It was popular at the centenary dinner and the winning score was 15 out of 20. Can you do any better? Answers below - no peeping!

1) The tallest trees in Section C are:
a) Silver Birch b) Mountain Ash, c) Lime d) Ash

2) Eccles Shorrock is buried in a vault in the cemetery. Which mill did he build.
a) Bowling Green, b) Greenfield, c) India, d) Progress 

3) In what year was the cemetery opened?
a) 1851, b) 1861, c) 1860, d) 1901

4) The first vicar of St John's is buried in the new part of the cemetery. Name him:
a) Philip Graham, b) Philip Greenway, c) Peter Greenway, 

d) Peter Graham

5) In which Great War battle was Edward Deakin Ashton killed 
a) Ypres b) Verdun, c) Mons d) Somme

6) His grandfather is buried close by; William Thomas Ashton. Why is he remembered.
a) Freeing the moors b) Building the Tower c) First Mayor
d) First town clerk.

7) Three boys killed in a blizzard on the moors are buried in the cemetery. What year.
a) 1917 b) 1921 c) 1911 d) 1927

8) Why was Alice Varley in the news last September.
a) Grave desecrated, b) 105 when she died c) Knotweed expert 
d) Donated 30 trees 

9) One of the men who helped to force the freeing of the Moors is buried in Section B. Name him.
a) William Taylor, b) Ellis Gibson, c) Tom Shorrock, d) Eli Chapman

10) You will find the initials O.D.L.B.H on manholes in the cemetery. What does the H stand for.
a) Huntington b) Home c) Hope d) Health

11) A sexton looked after a church. What was his principal job as well as bellringing.
a) Making the tea, b) Strimming the grass, c) Playing the organ, 
d) Digging graves

12) What is the significance of a broken column as part of a headstone.
a) Death in war b) A life cut short c) Masonic Lodge member
d) Builder

13) With which Darwen church was the Rev Desiderius Vendenweghe associated for many years.
a) St Peter's b) St John's c) St Joseph's d) St Cuthbert's

14) There is a fine rockery across the centre of the newer part of the cemetery. From which mill did the large stones come.
a) Cotton Hall b) Vale Rock, c) Hope d) Belgrave

15) In which section is there a memorial to Lusitania victim William Dewhurst.
a) Section C b) Section H c) Section J d) Section F

16) Who is Martha Jane Bury known as? 
a) The Dark Lady b) The White Lady c) The Tall Lady d) The Strange Lady

17) John East's mother sold what in the Glass Shed?
a) meat b) fruit and vegetables c) tripe d) fish

18) Lisette Lyall, wife of a Darwen vicar, is buried in Section B. What medal did her son GrahamThompson Lyall win in the Great War 
a) MC b) DFC c) George Cross d) Victoria Cross 

19) First WW1 soldier buried at Darwen?
a) Geo. Haworth c) Alex Done c) Alan Fish d) Eric Heys

20) In what year was the cemetery's Great War Cross unveiled
a) 1918 b) 1921 c) 1929 d) 1933


Answers: 1a, 2c,3b, 4a, 5d, 6a, 7a, 8a, 9b, 10d, 11d, 12b, 13c,
14a, 15b, 16b, 17c, 18d, 19c, 20c.

                                                                 Harold Heys
                                                                  June 2011


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