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Sad News

It is with great sadness we heard today of the passing of Richard Westhead. Richard was a true gentleman and earned the respect of everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him. He was the inspiration for our Adopt a War Grave scheme and for many years, unknown to anyone except his family, he visited the cemetery on every Armistice Day and placed his own hand made crosses on the war graves of his fallen comrades. When FODC was formed we promised to carry on what he had begun and involve children in remembering his comrades sacrifice. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him, and our thoughts go out to his family at this time.

The photograph is Richard being interviewed at the memorial unveiling 1st July 2018


                                                     FODC December 2019


Remembrance Service's 2019

Friday 8th November 2019


This weekend people from all walks of life will be taking time to remember the fallen of the two world wars and other conflicts.

Here in Darwen on the Friday before remembrance day a service is held in the Western cemetery embracing all of the schools in Darwen and invited dignitaries to remember the fallen and those buried here in Darwen.

Many thanks to all who helped to once again make this a service to remember.

If you have time to spare why not have a look at the Memorial wall and spend a moment to remember all and our local lads who gave everything for us.



Sunday 10th November 2019


On the 11th hour on the. 11th day of the 11th month.

101 years ago the guns fell silent and peace for all time was declared.

But unfortunately this was not to be, and on this day we come together to remember and give thanks, services are held in every village and community, and here in Darwen there are several.

Over 120 people attended the service of remembrance at the Memorial wall. Thank you to all who served and attended.



For more photographs please click the Link Below

Remembrance Service's 2019

                                               Photographs by Roy Cox
                                                FODC November 2019

Remembrance Service's 2019

Friday 8th November 2019

As usual our First service will be held on Friday morning,
the 8th November.

This Service is held on the Friday to allow the Local Schools to attend,
we will meet at the World War One Memorial Wall at 10.30 for a 10.45 Service.

Following the Service the children attending will go into the Cemetery and place Poppies on the 98 Commonwealth War Graves in the Cemetery.

This is a very well attended and moving service with all the children attending from the majority of the Primary and Secondary Schools in Darwen!



Sunday 10th November 2019

Our Second Sevice will be held on Sunday 10th November.

We will meet at the World War One Memorial Wall at 10.30 for a 10.45 Service.

In the past this Service has been attended by Local Scout and Guide Groups and is a very popular Service.

This Service has a more formal feel  with all the Flags being lowered at 
11 O'clock  

Attended by many Local Residents.



                                                             FODC October 2019

Our Find a Grave Event (Part 2)

On Saturday 19th October we will be holding another "Find a Grave" Event, we held our first Find a Grave event back in July and we had requests to help find 15 Family Graves in the Western Cemetery.

With the help of Billy Briggs, who knows the Cemetery better than anybody else, together with other members of the Friends of Darwen Cemetery we were able to locate the plot location on all the graves on the day.

10.30 am to 1.00 pm meet at the Cross of Sacrifice in the Western Cemetery.


  Images of our first Find a Grave Event on the 13th July 2019


                                                         FODC September 2019

Have you seen our Memorial Garden recently.

ashes_garden_28.9.16_4Have you had a walk through the Memorial Garden recently?

Have you seen how good it is looking?

Many of the donated bushes have now started to mature and fill out the beds around the edges of the garden.

Ashes_Garden_31.1.19_BRENTS_imageWould you like to purchase one of the Wedges or Bench Plaques in the Memorial Garden

For more information on the Memorial Garden click on the below link

Memorial Garden

                                                                 FODC 2019

A new Photograph of our Roman Catholic Chapel



 I came across this image of a Chapel yesterday when I was looking at a number of press cutting we have at the Heritage Centre that relate to the work of Howard Peters.
Anyone from Darwen of a certain age will recall that Howard Peters had a regular page in the Darwen News on items of "yesterday." Some of the article feature in his column were relative small and something there was the odd photo - included this one.

Apart from saying it was a recently demolished chapel there was no other information.
I think it has a look of the R/C Chapel.

                                   Tony Foster FODC September 2019


We are on the look out for adoptees

telegraph_7.8.19We are on the look out for adoptees from community groups, schools, and faith and youth organisations.

we have more than 100 war graves in the cemetery, most in the western cemetery section.

Around 70 are from WW1 and the others from WW2 and other conflicts.

The scheme has been running since 2010 and we are proud that many have been looked after with tender loving care over the years.

However we need 15 new adoptees to help care for the rest.

Darwen had 1300 casualties in WW1 and over 200 in WW2. so it's only right that local residents care and remember them in this special way.

Potential adoptees can apply to Diane by emailing dianedavies@darwencementry.org.uk

                                                          FODC August 2019

Our Find a Grave Event

find_a_grave_event_2019_2On Saturday 13th July 2019 we held our very first Find a Grave Event, we had requests to help find 15 Family Graves in the Western Cemetery.

For more information on this event click on the below link

Find a Grave Event

                                                                                                FODC July 2019

From Darwen to see the world recorded on gravestones

Burial telegraph_3.1_29.5.19ground as an excellent source for local history as every gravestone has a story to tell. Some stories are more interesting and fascinating than others. Two such gravestone that tell of deaths in foreign parts can be found in Darwen’s Western Cemetery.

For more information on this story click on the below link

From Darwen to see the world

Joseph Eccles Grave

                                                              Tony Foster FODC May 2019

FODC are attending the Charity Day in Darwen Town Centre 

cem_plaqueDo you want to know what we have been up to?

Would you like to help to keep our cemetery looking loved?

We will be there from 10am to 4.30pm
Saturday 11th May 2019

For more information on this event click on the below link

FODC are attending the Charity Day in Darwen Town Centre

                                                              FODC May 2019

Check out our New Booklet Page

If you missed any of our Cemetery Walks over the years, these booklets are still available to buy!

You could complete the walk yourself as each booklet has a map inside showing you the route of each walk and the area each grave on the walk are located.

Or you could buy the booklet just to see the history or story of the Graves featured on
the walk from the comfort of your arm chair!

If you wish to see other Walk Booklets for sale click the below link.

Walk Booklets

Our Next General Meeting and AGM

Will be held on Wednesday 1st May 2019 at 7pm

Darwen Heritage Centre,
Holker House, Railway Road,
Darwen BB3 2RE

If you would like to find out more about FODC please come along.

We shall be showing the completed video of the ceremony on the 1st July 1918 marking the opening of the World War 1 reflective structure that the Friends built in the Cemetery.





Roy's Amusing take on our Working Parties