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Mick passes the baton on to Jill

Mick has has laid down his responsibilities as the Saturday Working Party Leader after our last Working Party of 2016, held on the 10th December.

Mick has passed the baton (or buck) on to Jill who takes over the position from our first Working Party after the New Year.

Mick will continue to attend the Saturday Working Parties and we are sure he will pass on his knowledge when required.

We are very grateful to him for keeping us safe and busy during his period in office, we have achieved so much over the years, thanks to his guidance and expertise.

                                                                           FODC December 2016
Our Last Working Party for 2016

On Saturday 10th December we had our last Working Party of the year.

Here are some photographs from the Morning.



Thank you to everybody who helped out during 2016!

And look forward to seeing you when we start again in January.

                                                           Photographs taken by Roy Cox
                                                             FODC December 2016

Our Walled Garden

During 2016 we started work on a quiet corner of the Cemetery right on the edge of  Cemetery Road behind the South Lodge.

Work started in this corner because it kept flooding and the path was always very muddy.

We started digging back the mound of soil next to the path to allow the water to escape, as we dug back we found loads of stone mixed in with the soil so we decided to put it to good use.

Below are the Before and After photographs and as you can see we retrieved a lot of stone.

I am sure you can agree the area looks much better now and with the drain cleared should prevent the path from flooding in the future.

Thanks to all who helped in this section.


                                                                                  FODC December 2016