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Young Darwen Volunteers


Asking young people to volunteer to help restore Darwen Cemetery may have been seen by some as a   "DEAD LOSS".


However as usual we underestimate the talents, skills and willingness of young people to help a worthy cause.  The FODC were asked to take part in an initiative to present the opportunity of becoming young volunteer at the cemetery to Years. 7, 8 and 9 at the newly opened Darwen Aldridge Community Academy.


In a programme organised by the DACA and Blackburn with Darwen CVS we pitched our project and around a dozen young people signed up.


Gaining these young people in an inter-generational project proves that both young and old can work collectively for the common good.

Many of the youngsters will be joining the "Adopt a Grave" scheme and others will be part of the regular working party on a Saturday.  So look out for these eager and enthusiastic volunteers - and give them every support and encouragement.


FODC have already established a link with DACA through Adam Turner, Head of Humanities who is a member of the FODC Management team.  It is good to know that these community links will benefit everybody and we thank Blackburn with Darwen CVS and DACA for funding and encouraging the project.


Some of the students of DACA with Diane after tending to the war grave of Private J. Sharples in Section H which DACA have adopted together with the grave of Rifleman Alfred Leach which is also in Section H 

                                         FODC October 2010

Working parties

CAN you help? You sure can! And youdon't
 have to be a 6ft hulk with biceps like

There's plenty for everyone so come 

along and help us to make a difference. 

Sweeping, weeding, trimming, chopping, digging, filling, cleaning, brushing - and 

We work hard but we make it fun. And youngsters - stop bleating that you've nothing to do. Oh, yes you have! Come and help us. 

Look out or the Working Party dates and come along on the Saturday mornings. Bring your pals as well. 

A blast of fresh air is better for you than draping yourself over a computer or a phone, texting, twittering, facebooking or xboxing!



Our next Cemetery Working Party is on 
Saturday 30th May 2020
between 10.00am to 1.00pm 
in the Western Cemetery, Cemetery Road, Darwen



Will be held on

Wednesday 29th April 2020 at
Darwen Heritage Centre, Holker House,
Railway Road, Darwen BB3 2RG

Sorry Cancelled.

Sorry our General and AGM on Wednesday 29th April 200 has been canceled, a new date will be advised as soon as possible.

As this is our 10th Anniversary of the Friends of Darwen Cemetery we thought t​​​​​his year we would show you what we have managed to achieve over the last 10 years and look forward to our thoughts and plans for the future.

 Everybody is welcome and the doors open at 6.30pm for a 7pm start.

Refreshments will be available. 

Help From Payback

Members of the Lancashire Probation Trust's Payback team have been helping volunteers to tidy up the old cemetery under the watchful eye of supervisor David Luke. They've done an excellent job strimming, mowing, snipping and cleaning up around the Area C target area and it's largely thanks to their efforts that thing are looking a lot brighter. Says Friends secretary Rosemary Jackson: "We are very grateful to David and his teams. They've made a real difference." 




                                  Anybody Can Get  Involved!

GIVING A BIT BACK: A group of asylum-seekers and refugees from  northern Africa and the Middle East joined local volunteers - from youngsters to pensioners - to continue the tidy-up of Darwen old cemetery at the weekend. Salah Mohammad's old bicycle finally crumbled so he walked the five miles from his home in Blackburn. He said: "We have been made welcome here and we wanted to give something back. We have all been brought up to work hard for our communities thousands of miles away and we see no difference now we are living here." Rosemary Jackson, secretary of the recently-formed Friends of Darwen Cemetery thanked everyone who has been helping with the tidy up and she had a special word for David Luke and his Payback team. "They have been fantastic," she said. "We would barely have got off the ground without them."

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Ashleigh Primary School

Ashleigh Primary School have already got involved, for more information, 
click on the link below:

Ashleigh Primary School


Adopt a War Grave

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