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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to volunteer and
support FODC over the last 12 months.

We look forward to seeing you again Next Year!

Our first Working Party in the New Year will be held between 10am
and 1pm on Saturday 13th January 2018

                                                          FODC December 2017
Remembrance Day services 2017

Our Friday Remembrance Service

Click on the above image to see a short Video made by Roy Cox
from the photographs taken during the Friday Remembrance

On Friday 10th November 2017 we held our annual Schools
Remembrance Service in the Cemetery.

This year we had 143 attend the Friday service which included many
of the Primary and both of the Secondary Schools from Darwen, unfortunatly the weather was shocking, very wet and very very cold.

As usual once we had finished the service all the school children
went out into the cemetery to lay 102 Poppy Crosses on all of the Commonwealth War Graves (including 3 Ministry of Defence War
Graves) in both the Western and Eastern Cemertaries.





Thank you to Diane Davies for organising the Remembrace Services
and her team of volunteers who helped making the event happen!

Photographs by Roy Cox

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Our Sunday Remembrance Service


On Sunday 12th November 2017 we held our second Remembrance Service which was attended by Whitehall & St. Josephs Scout Groups
and Darwen Venture Scouts

Also members of The Royal British Leigion and local residents, the
weather was much drier than the Friday service but was still bitterly


Thank you to everybody who 91 who attended the Sunday Service.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Some of the Wreath's layed at this years Remembrance Day Services

Many made by hand by our local Primary Schools


         Photographs by Diane Davies  FODC November 2017

Once again we will be holding two Remembrance Day services this year.

Friday 10th November 2017


As usual our First service will be held on Friday 10th November, this Service is
held on the Friday to allow the Local Schools to attend, we will meet at 10.30 for
a 10.45 Service.

Following the Service the children attending will go into the Cemetery and place Poppies on the 98 Commonwealth War Graves in the Cemetery.

This is a very well attended and moving service with all the children attending
from the majority of the Primary and Secondary Schools in Darwen!

Sunday 12th November 2017


Our Second Sevice will be held on Sunday 12th November at 10.30
for a 10.45 Service.

In the past this Service has been attended by Local Scout and
Guide Groups and is a very popular Service.

This Service has a more formal feel  with all the Flags being lowered
at 11 O'clock  

Attended by many Local Residents.

                                                        FODC October 2017

FODC attends the Darwen Heritage Centre Open
Day at Holker House

Colin holds the fort on Saturday

On Saturday the 7th October 2017 the Friends of Darwen
Cemetery together with other Local Friends groups attended the
Darwen Heritage Centre's Open Day.

Many visitors attended on the day despite the bad weather.

Thank you to all the members who helped man the event and
everybody who attended.

                                                       FODC October 2017

Our Nature Garden's Bird Bath Goes Missing!

Please can you help!

Our Bird Bath that has been in our Nature Garden for over 5 years
has gone missing!

We are not sure when it was removed but it is only over the last
few weeks.

If you have any information who may of removed or where we might
find the Bird Bath please can you email info@darwencemetery.org.uk

                                                     FODC October 2017

Ashleigh Primary School visit the
Cemetery to tidy up there Adopted
War Graves

Year 5 students from Ashleigh Primary School visited the cemetery
and tidied up their war graves ready for summer.


                                                                                                    Well Done Gardening Gang love the plants.


                                                          FODC July 2017
Scarlet Fever

On a recent walk around the cemetery a large monument to
the Jepson family was pointed out to me
which showed that 4 children of Henry Charles and Mary
Helen Jepson died between 14th Sep 1902 and 11th Oct 1902.

These 4 deaths were all due to scarlet fever.

At this time children suffering from scarlet fever were often
isolated in the Fever Hospital at Bull Hill so one is left to wonder
why these children were nursed at home Whinfield in Whitehall

The Jepsons has 11 children, 5 of which survived including Helen
and Mary who both became teachers at Spring Bank School.

                                                     Tony Foster FODC July 2017

Our Latest Walk

On the 25th June FODC had its latest walk in the Cemetery, the walk
this year was "Terror and Tragedy" and was based on our Cemetery
Walk back in 2011 "Torment & Tragedy" showing you the darker side
of some of the Graves in Darwen Cemetery.


Once again the walk was led by Tony Foster


This year we used the 2011 Booklet to accompany the walk, if you would like a copy of the Booklet please click the link below


Walk Booklets Page

FODC June 2017

Terror and Tragedy
Our Next Walk in the Cemetery


Our next walk around the Cemetery will be held on Sunday 25th June
at 2pm, we start the walk from the Cross of Sacrifice at 2pm

The walk this time will be based on the darker side of some of the
Graves in Darwen Cemetery.

"Terror and Tragedy".

The walk will be led by Tony Foster and a Booklet of the walk will
be available for 2.00

If you would like to read any of the other Walk Booklets that we have issued over the years click on the below link which will take to the
Booklet Page.

Walk Booklets

                                                               FODC June 2017

2017 Grass Cutting Plan

Due to funding cuts, BwD Borough council have passed the cutting
of the grass in the Western Cemetery to a non-profit friends group
called the Good Friends.

The Good Friends will cut the grass every 2 to 3 weeks during the
growing season and are working in partnership with the Friends of
Darwen Cemetery to maximise the areas which can be cut within the restricted budget provided.

During 2017 the grass will be cut the following areas only:-

All Ashes burial sections

A strip around the perimeter of each burial section

Paths to and around the commonwealth War Graves

Section C

Paths to regularly visited family graves

If you attend your family grave regularly and wish a path to be cut, please ring 01254 202019, email info@bsmemorials.co.uk or post a comment on the FODC Facebook page giving your name, the burial section and plot number and your contact details. We will pass the
details on to the Good Friends.

The remainder of the cemetery will be allowed to naturalise with long grass and wild flowers.

Please take extra care when walking through the burial sections, especially when the grass is long. Most sections contain uneven
ground, sunken graves and fallen headstones.

Important Notice

The cemetery remains the responsibility of Blackburn with Darwen
Borough Council. Any complaints or concerns over health and safety should be directed to the council.

                                                          FODC June 2017

Early Morning Sunrise

On Monday (24th April) at 6am I woke to a beautiful morning, just as the sunrise
was coming over the hill at Blacksnape, with ipad in hand and the dog lead in the other I came into the Cemetery to take some photographs.

The sun was just catching parts of the Cemetery and casting long low shadows
behind the graves and trees.

What a great way to start the week!



                                                                    Photos by Paul Dargan
                                                                    FODC April 2017

Roy's Amusing take on our 2017 Working Parties

roy_photo_1We have added a New Page to our
Website, "Roy's Amusing Working
Party Photos".

Have a look at the Photographs
taken by Roy during our 2017
Working Parties with Roy's
amusing comments.

To see our new page look down
the left hand block or click on the
link below.

Click Here

                                                                                   FODC April 2017

Minutes from our AGM and Chairmans Report


If you would like to read the minutes from our 2017 AGM and Chairmans report, click on the link below.

Minutes of AGM 2017

                                                                       FODC May 2017

Check out our New Booklet Page


If you missed any of our Cemetery Walks
over the years, these booklets are still available to buy!

You could complete the walk yourself as
each booklet has a map inside showing you the route of each walk
and the area each grave on the walk are located.

Or you could buy the booklet just to see the history or story of the
Graves featured on the walk from the comfort of your arm chair! 

If you wish to see other Walk Booklets for sale click the below link.

Walk Booklets


We have moved some articles around

We have moved most of the articles from our Home Page into "Our News page" and articles from Our News page into a new 2015 Archive Page.

If you want to have a look click on the links below 

2016 Archive Page
2015 Archive Page

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2011 Archive Page
2010 Archive Page 


Darwen Days website

Darwen Days have changed its website address
(click on the Link below)

Darwen Days now has a website showing 1000s of Photographs of
Darwen, many old but some more recent, 
they also include many photographs of the Cemetery.

Click on the link to go direct to the website.


                                        FODC Updated December 2012

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