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Our Last Working Party of 2014


picture of the volunteers from the FODC with Anne Lamont at the front.

FODC held it's last Working party of the year and finished off the year working on the continued restoration of D1 part of the Roman Catholic section within Darwen Western Cemetery - erecting many headstones and restoring the area to its best. 
Volunteer, Anne Lamont has been working on the Curb edges and gullies in Section D1 since the Graves were re-erected earlier in the year, Anne has spend over 20 hours of work over and above the work she spent on the project during the Thursday and Saturday Working Parties calculating to hundreds of hours, Anne has also over the last few months hand made Christmas wreaths and has been selling them at the working parties during November and December raising over 200 for FODC funds.  

The Friends wish all supporters, agencies and volunteers a happy Christmas.
Chair, John East said, "Its been a very active and productive year and I can only pay tribute to the thousands of hours of volunteering work completed by the friends. 

We look forward to a successful Heritage  Lottery bid result which will honour  the 70 world war one commonwealth graves in the Cemetery and creating a heritage trail that the people of Darwen will be proud of." 
Mick Walsh FODC Working Party Coordinator said "We had a good turn out for yesterday's last working party of 2014 and thanks to the whole team, we managed to get the grave maintenance graves completed despite the freezing conditions and still have time to work on D1 before our traditional Christmas Spud Pie Bash".

Thank You from FODC and 
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

                                                                FODC December 2014

Christmas Wreaths for Sale


Christmas Wreaths are available at the next few working parties on the 15th and 29th November and our last working party on the 13th December, between 10am and 1pm. 
in Darwen's Western Cemetery entrance via Lark Street,

The wreaths are hand made by FODC volunteer Anne Lamont and have been made to raise funds for the on going Restoration of Darwen Cemetery. 

Suggested donations between 2.00 and 10.00

Wreaths can be purchased on the day at Darwen Western Cemetery or phone 01254 771957.

                                                                  FODC November 2014

DACA hold a Remembrance Service 

Darwen Aldridge Community Academy  head boy and girl present a wreath after a two minutes silence today (11th November) at the recently installed memorial stone of the former Redearth Road Methodist Church. 

The church stood on the site now occupied by part of DACA. 

The left-hand part of the memorial was discovered in Darwen Cemetery under bushes near the Cross of Sacrifice and Brent Stevenson Memorials created the right hand side based on the research of FODC member and Trustee Tony Foster.


The full replica memorial stone in Darwen's western cemetery.


The original section found in the Cemetery

              FODC November 2014


Researching a War Memorial

If you are interested in finding out more on the Redearth Road War Memorial, Tony Foster is holding a talk to the Darwen Local History Society on Monday 18th November at 7.30pm at Bridge Street Sports and Social Club, Bridge Street, Darwen. A 2.00 entrance fee will be required for non members.
In the talk Tony will explain the research he undertook to correctly identify a partial war memorial found in the cemetery in 2010 and explain the various sources he used and therefore the talk will be useful to anyone researching WW1 casualties.

FODC November 2014

Remembrance Day Services 2015

Two momentous days of Remembrance organised by the Friends of Darwen Cemetery.  

On Friday over 12 schools both Junior and High Schools with various VIP's laid wreath at the Cross of Sacrifice and then the groups of students and children laid crosses on every war graves in both Western and Eastern Cemeteries.
 Two newly composed war poems were read by winners of the FODC poetry completion and we thanks Megan Charnock from Darwen Vale High School and Simarpreet Kang from Ashleigh Primary School.  

D Day veteran Richard Westhead laid the FODC wreath and other VIP including the Mayor of Blackburn with Darwen, The Mayor of Darwen, Royal British Legion representatives and our own MP Jake Berry and the President of FODC  Col. Steve Davies.  

Although the service was dry, shortly after the students went into the Cemetery with the Poppies we had a downpour and we thank everyone for seeing this through and all crosses were laid with dignity and respect. 

Rev. Terry Young again led our service of remembrance and the occasion was extremely well attended.  

John East FODC Chairman said, "We thank everyone for the work at the cemetery both volunteers and Blackburn with Darwen staff - but especially for the young people who attended and honoured the 102 war graves in Darwen Cemetery. Lots of restoration work has take place and now all the war graves have been adopted and just today a new one has been added."
The Sunday service followed the same pattern with members of local Scouts Groups attending and several local residents and guests. 

Wreaths were laid and the weather was much kinder. Rev. Terry Young and Tony Foster led the occasion and closed the remembrance events - commemorating  the start of WW1 - 100 years ago. 


The Friends will be holding some Heritage walks in  2015 and the continuing restoration of the cemetery will continue. 

                                                              FODC November 2014

Our Latest CWGC Headstone


On Friday 7th November the War Grave of 
Lieutenant G.W.Fish  in Section 4B received its Commonwealth War Headstone after 3 years waiting for it to be made.

Son of Alice Fish and husband of Margaret Fish died 15th June 1945 he was a Schoolmaster and had also served in the First World War.

G.W. Fish was in the Home Guard in the unit of the 9th County of Lancaster (Blackburn County) Bn.


                                                              FODC November 2014

Centenary of Darwen Cemeteries first WW1 burial.  Private Richard Aspden Knowles


On Friday 31st October 2014 FODC held a short remembrance service for the centenary of the first casualty of World War One to be buried in Darwen Cemetery. 

The service was led by Rev Terry Young  and Wreaths were laid by the Royal British Legion, FODC and Darwen Town Council.

Richard Aspden Knowles was the first casualty of The Great War to be buried in Darwen Cemetery. He was born July 5, 1892 at 5 John Street, Darwen, son of Walmsley Preston Knowles and Margaret Ann (nee Aspden). 

His mother died in 1906 when he was 14 years old and his father passed away two years later. By the time of the 1911 census he was living with his brother, Albert and family, at 12 Daisyfield Street, Darwen. 

At this time he was employed in the Darwen Paper Mill.
On the outbreak of war he enlisted in the East Lancashire Regiment 4th Battalion (No 1244) and was mobilisation to Chesham Fold Camp, Bury. 

The Regiment sailed on September 10, 1914 from Southampton for Egypt. 

However Richard had been taken ill and therefore unable to sail. He was sent home where he died on October 31, 1914. Death was due to tuberculosis. 

He was interned, on Wednesday November 4th. The coffin was covered with a Union Flag, and eight comrades of the Territorial Force, in uniform, walked by the side of the hearse and acted as bearers. Drummer Bishop, who was invalided home at the same time walked beside the hearse to the Cemetery and saluted over the grave.


                               Photographs by Laurie Manton                        
                FODC October 2014

Private Richard Aspden Knowles 1st casualty of WW1 buried in Darwen cemetery.



 A short service of thanksgiving will be held by the Friends of Darwen Cemetery at the graveside of Private Richard Aspden Knowles who died 100 years ago on Friday.

Private Knowles based with the East Lancashire Regiment, 4th Battalion was the 1st Commonwealth War Grave Casualty
buried in Darwen Cemetery at the age off 22.

The service will be held on Friday 31st October 2014 at 3pm


Please assemble at the Cross of Sacrifice for 2.45 prior to walking to the graveside of this fallen soldier.


Please be aware this grave is in a very steep section within the cemetery.

If you wish to visit the grave please wear stout footwear

All Welcome!
If you would like to see more information on Private R.A.Knowles click on the below link.

R.A. Knowles Document

                                                               FODC October 2014

Remembrance Day Services 2014

Once again we will be holding two Remembrance Day services this year.

Our First service will be held on Friday 7th November, this Service is held on the Friday to allow the Local Schools to attend, we will meet at 10.30 for a 10.45 Service. 

Following the Service the children from the go into the Cemetery and place Poppies on the 98 Commonwealth War Graves in the Cemetery.

Our Second Sevice will be held on Sunday 9th November at 10.30 for a 10.45 Service.

This Service is attended by Local Scout Groups and will hold a Flag Break at 11 O'clock 

All Welcome to both Services! 

                                                                       FODC October 2014

Our last War Grave in the Cemetery has been made safe for Adoption. 


During October work has been undertaken by the Friends of Darwen Cemetery to make safe the very last of the 98 War Graves in the Cemetery allowing it to be adopted just in time for our Remembrance Day Services in November. 

The grave of Private J. Cooper in Section 2b of the Western Cemetery died in 1917 during the First World War. 

Private J Cooper Document
(click on the below document)

                                                              FODC October 2014

Families from afar visit the Cemetery


At today's FODC working party (Saturday 20th September) two families visited and were given assitance finding family graves.

The Sharples family from Aberdeen, East Kilbride and Lemington Spa were helped to find the Sharples Grave and Anne Lamont one of the FODC volunteers helped tidy it up. 

Picture Gordon Sharples, Tim Sharples, Deb Service (nee Sharples) and Laura Service with Anne Lamont finished off the clean up.

NewZalandfamily_smallVerity Barker left Darwen in 1964 after finishing her school days at Spring Bank Secondary Modern (in the same class as FODC Chair John East) to emigrate to New Zealand. 

She return along with her family who still live the New Zealand and Australia to find the Aspinall family graves. 

Picture Verity second from left with her family

Tony Foster who also attend Spring Bank was on hand to help them find the graves and they were delighted to meet up old friends. 

Verity said, "It was wonderful to visit Darwen and find our family grave and meet up with friends." 

"We were given such a warm welcome it brought a tear to my eye."
Both families gave generous donations to the FODC.

                                                   FODC September 2014

Heritage Open Day and  Cemetery Walk attracts over 80 visitors to the event

Over 80 members of the public attended a very successful WW1 Heritage Walk organised by the Friends of Darwen cemetery during the Heritage Weekend held recently. 

Residents were invited to view and comment on the forthcoming FODC Heritage Lottery Bid which will see a WW1 Heritage feature along with several Heritage walks involving children and the public over the next few years.


Photograph : From the left, Jean and David Yates left with Rossendale and Darwen MP Jake Berry and Billy Briggs, BwD Grave Maintenance member of Staff. 
The walk organised by FODC Trustee Tony Foster and supported by Harold Heys gave an insight into the 60 plus WW1 causalities buried or
commemorated in the Western Cemetery. 

The event attracted the Mayor of Darwen, Counc. Trevor Maxfield and prospective Labour candidate Will Straw.
Chair John East, said, "It is very moving to hear the stories of the men and woman of Darwen who died in the WW1 and are buried and remembered here in Darwen Cemetery. 

The Friends have made a marvelous tribute , especially in the Heritage 100 year of the start of WW1. 

Tony Foster has produced a walk and an accompanying book - available from Darwen Library or via the FODC website."


Visitors were able to see many of the projects that FODC are working on, including the Lottery Bid for our tribute to World War One in the Cemetery. 


Many visitors enjoyed a brew before the walk started.


Many thanks to Tony and Harold for taking the walk.


And a big thank you to all the members who helped get the Community Hut ready and help run the event on the day.  

                                                    FODC September 2014

Our Next Tour of the Cemetery and Heritage Day


On Saturday 13th September 2014 the Friends of Darwen cemetery are holding an Heritage Open Day

The Heritage Day starts at 1.00 pm at the Whitehall Community Centre on Whitehall Road (up the side of Whitehall Park), Darwen BB3 2LH
Followed by the Cemetery Walk at 2.30 pm which starts at the Cross of Sacrifice in the Cemetery.

See the work of the Friends of Darwen Cemetery and their plans to commemorate WW1

Details of Adopt a War Grave Scheme

Details of over 1,320 Darwen men and women who lost their lives during WW1

The walk with explain aspects of WW1 and Darwen's role

Over 60 Belgium refugee found home in Darwen

What about Darwen's "War Horse"?

Did his letter predict his death?

What about the POWs

WW1 resulted in experimental surgery

See the newest WW1 Commonwealth War Grave

                                                        FODC August 2014

CWGC Clean the Cemetery War Graves

Paul & Paul from CWGC cleaning and maintenance, cleaned all the War Graves in Darwen Cemetery on the 14th August. 

They also worked on resetting a grave in section 5A.





                                                  FODC August 2014

Section D1 Completed


The small section D1 in the Western Cemetery has had all of its headstones repaired and re-erected.

The work has been completed by Brent Stephenson Memorials with funds raised by FODC.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Alice Varley Grave in Section D1

One of the graves repaired in Section D1 is the Grave of Alice Varley.

The grave for many years was lent against its base after it was removed during the Cemetery "Topple Testing" process deemed it unsafe, this is where it stood for many years.

This was all to change at 5pm on September 8th 2010 with a loud crashing noise broke the piece and quiet of the cemetery when 3 teenagers decided it would be fun to push the grave over smashing it in three pieces.

Alice Varley Grave prior to it being smashed

Members of FODC who were in the cemetery when it happened gave chase but the teenagers got away.

At the time this was very upsetting to the members of FODC as the grave was a beautifull crafted cross with flowers and a bird pirched on the cross.

The Police was contacted straight away but they were unable to find out any further information about the teenagers responsable. 

John East looking at the damage back 
                                           in 2010

d1_2Now the grave has been repaired and re-erected on to its base and now stands proud with the other graves in section D1 as it did for many years before it was laid down.

To read the Telegraph report from October 2010 click on the link below.

Alice Telegraph Oct 2010

Alice Varley grave repaired and re-etected
August 2014

To read the website piece by Harold Heys from September 2010 click on the link below

Alice Varley
                                                   FODC August 2014

Redearth Road Methodist Church 
Commemorative Stone Unveiling


The partial stone found in the Western Cemetery

On Sunday 3rd August 2014, on the eve of the Centenary of the start of the First World War, FODC unveiled a Commemorative Stone for the 31 men who lost their lives during WW1 from the conregration of Redearth Road Methodist Church. 

Back in 2010 soon after FODC formed as a Freinds Group we became aware of a broken War Memorial Stone found in the bushes in the Western Cemetery (above right) behind the lodge houses, on the stone was 10 complete names and 11 partial names.

Over the last few years FODC Trustee and local historian Tony Foster carefully reserched the 10 complete names we had on the stone, based on the information he found on these 10 names he worked out the stone was from the former Redearth Methodist Church. 

Once Tony had the information that the stone came from Redearth Road he was able to work out the 11 partial names and a further 10 names that would of been on the completed stone.


The stone has been placed at the Lodge Entrance to the Cemetery oposite to the Cross of Sacrifice.


The commemorative stone was made by Brent Stevenson Memorials and was funded by a kind donation by Gwen and Alan Hampson.

FODC Chairman John East welcomed everybody to the event.


Tony Foster gave a short speach on the history of the stone and how he was able to complete the missing names on the stone. 

Gwen Hampson and Tony unveilied the Commemorative Stone.


Gwen was then given a bunch of flowers and a commemorative Darwen Spitfire (made by WEC) as it was also her Birthday, FODC Secretory and Treasurer Peter van Dijk and Diane Walsh presented the gifts.

The Darwen Royal British Legion and Darwen Town Council laid a reef followed by a short blessing by Rev Debbie Keegan.

Gwen was Baptised and Married at the Church and her two daughters were also Baptised at the Church. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Booklet for Sale 

To complement the service Tony has produced a booklet on a brief History of the Methodist Church up to it being demolished in 1964 and information on all the 31 names that appear on the memorial stone.

Once again Tony has achieved a fantastic piece of research and makes great reading and insight to 31 who died from this one congregation in Darwen.

The booklet is available at 3.00 


History on the Church

Booklet for Sale

                                              Information on the 31 Soldiers who died

The booklet is avaliable from:-

Darwen Library

Darwen Furniture and Gifts opposite Mayfield Flats, Bolton Road, Darwen.

Claire's Creatures opposite the Cemetery Lodges, Cemetery Road, Darwen.


If you wish to purchase a copy of this booklet and have it posted direct to you please send a cheque for 4.20 (to cover P+P) made payable to,

Friends of Darwen Cemetery and post it to:-
Friends of Darwen Cemetery
C/O Unit 2a, Hall Moss Business Park,
Bolton Road, Bull Hill,
Darwen BB3 2TT 

Don't forget to include your address!

If you would like to see other booklets that we have produced since FODC became a Friends Group back in 2010 

click on the below link to go direct to our tours page.


                                                          FODC August 2014

Barn Dance was a huge sucess

On the 19th July 2014 FODC together with Blackburn with Darwen Gymnastics Club held a Barn Dance at Prospect Farm, Bull Hill, Darwen.

What a fantastic night was had for all who attended the dance! 

We had live music by the Millstone Ceilidn Band, a Bar and everybody helped to produce a very enjoyable Jacobs join buffet!

We also raised 484 on the night.


Particular thanks to :-
Jill for organising the event 
Colin and Mick for helping out behind the bar,
Diane for looking after the tickets sales,
Brian for the interval music
and to everyone for dancing. 

FODC July 2014

Redearth Road Methodist Church


Unveiling of a Commemorative Memorial


Sunday August 3, 2014



redearth_memorial_inviteIn 2010 the Friends of Darwen Cemetery found a broken war memorial in the cemetery. Although only the left hand part of the commemorative plaque survived and after careful research Tony Foster has been able to recover all the 31 names from the original memorial. 
A commemorative memorial has been placed opposite the Cross of Sacrifice in the Western Cemetery and this will be unveiled on Sunday the 3rd August proceedings start at 2.30pm.

A commemorative booklet with information on many of the names on the stone will be available on the Sunday priced 3.00

We welcome your support as we commemorate the First World War.

                                                               FODC July 2014

Public Notice : Darwen Cemetery Section D1


The Friends of Darwen Cemetery are currently undertaking tidying of this section and hope to start work on repairing headstones shortly.

We would like to identify people who still tend a grave here and would be grateful if you could let us have your current contact details.

Please Contact Us.

Headstones were repaired on Section C in 2011 and on Section B in 2012 with funds raised by the Friends of Darwen Cemetery. Funds are now available to work on Section D1

If you are interested in becoming a Friend of Darwen Cemetery, or would simply like to know more about what we are doing please email
and we can add you to our mailing list or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

                                         FODC July 2014

Ann is awarded with a 'pat on the back'

Friends of Darwen Cemetery had a special VIP Guest on one the Working Party last Saturday, when Rossendale and Darwen MP Jake Berry came along to get "stuck in" to the restoration work at Darwen Western Cemetery. 
He is committed to supporting the Friends Heritage Lottery Bid and give encouragement to the work of the volunteers who have made such an impact of the Cemetery.


Anne Lamont who has been a regularly volunteer since the group started was presented with a commendation from the BwD Pat on The Back Awards for her outstanding commitment to the restoration of the cemetery by Jake.


John East, Chairman said, "Anne is an outstanding volunteer - and we all value and appreciate her talents and skills in helping to restore and maintain our town cemetery. 

We all wish to see the cemetery looking its best again and are working hard in partnership with Blackburn With Darwen Borough Council, especially when many private graves are now being tended and the start of commemorations of the start of WW1 - Darwen Cemetery has nearly 100 war graves most of which are adopted by local individuals and groups in the community"

                                              FODC July 2014

3rd School Newsletter

In this edition :-

School Poetry Competition (or see below).

Heritage Bid.

Volunteer Information.

To open or print the full Newsletter

Click on the image.

To see previous School Newsletters click on the below link


                                          FODC June 2014

World War One Commemoration - 
School Poetry Competition


Would you like to enter a Poetry Competition?

The cometition is open to school children at Key Stage 2 & 3

As we reach the 100th Anniversary of the start of WW1 The Friends of Darwen Cemetery are launching a Short Poetry writing Competition.
The theme of the Poem is 'Rembembrance'

The chosen Poem will be included in the 2014 School Remembtance Day service in November.

There will be one winner from each Key Stage, each receiving a 25.00 W.H.Smith voucher. 

To read the full competition details / print out the entry form 
click on the image.

Or contact Diane Davies at dianedavies@darwencemetery.org.uk

                                         FODC June 2014

Tony Talks about Researching a War Memorial
Redearth_MemorialIn this talk Tony Foster will be explaining how he researched the names on and missing from the broken Redearth Road Primitive Methodist Church War Memorial found in Darwen Western Cemetery last year.
It is a longer version of the talk he first gave at the FODC Open Meeting at 
DACA in April.
The talk takes place on Thursday 5th June at 7.30pm
at the Blackburn Branch of the Lancashire Family History & Heraldry Society being held at Ewood Working Men's Club, Bolton Road, Ewood,
Blackburn BB2 4HY
The meeting is opened to non-members, and is free of charge.

                                                  FODC May 2014

Darwen Cemetery installs it's New Notice Boards

notice_boardThis week we had two brand new Notice Boards placed in the Western Cemetery, they replace the two original Notice Boards we installed when FODC set up as a Friends Group back in 2010. 
If you regularly walk through the Cemetery you could not help but noticed the old notice boards were on their last legs, especially the notice board next to the Cross of Sacrifice. 
The new Notice Boards have been funded by FODC with a grant from the Crown Awards last year.
Thank you to Margaret Keighley at Blackburn with Darwen Council for arranging the installation of the Notice Boards and a big thank you to Steve Cornthwaite for an excellent job fitting the boards, a good job well done, we much appreciate the care he took in working around the flowers close to the Cross of Sacrifice.
                                             FODC May 2014

F.O.D.C. unveil our tribute to WW1 soldiers

This Is Lancashire: Computer-generated images of how the �trench� might look

The project is to provide fitting recognition to those buried in Darwen Cemetery as a result of the First World War is an imaginative attempt both to mark this important milestone in Darwen's history and to act as a spur to the Friends of Darwen Cemetery's efforts to restore the Cemetery to its former high standard of maintenance.  

The facility will be a place for peaceful personal contemplation and will help to bring collective recognition to the individual soldiers buried within sight of it.  

Interpretation and education are central to the project, with a very strong emphasis on ensuring that Darwen's First World War experiences are given due recognition, particularly as Darwen suffered unusually heavily for a town of its size.  

Schools pupils and children are very much at the heart of everything we seek to do, with their thoughts and research very much guiding us at every stage of the journey.  For example, I was delighted recently to see pupils from Darwen Vale High School and Darwen Aldridge Community Academy researching the town's role in the First World War at the Lancashire Infantry  Museum in Fulwood Barracks, Preston as part of their involvement in the project.  Bridging the generations is fundamental to this project, and this was a fine example of how that aim is being achieved.  

The project is supported by a cross section of people, including the Lord Lieutenant, Lord Shuttleworth, and engagement with the Heritage Lottery Fund is ongoing.  We have a number of organisations providing their services for free, including WCP Associates of Bury who are acting as our project manager and quantity surveyor, and Planit IE of Altrincham who have produced an excellent concept.  Blackburn with Darwen Council have been especially supportive.  We therefore look forward to undertaking public consultation on our proposals, before making firmer recommendations to the HLF.  
With a fair wind we can be confident of delivering the project in 2015

                                Col. Steve Davies MBE, FODC President  
                                     May 2014



Our first choice for our tribute to our First World War was on the site of the Church of England Chapel (number 1 on the above map) however it was changed to the site of the Non Conformist Chapel (number 2 on the above map) as its higher position over the Cemetery would give the structure a much larger presence. 


Looking over the wall into no mans land which will be filled with Poppies.


(click on the image to see a larger image)
The view from the seat (above left) will be fantastic over looking the rest of the Cemetery.
                                                      FODC May 2014

Is this our youngest recruit



                                                                          Photographs by Roy Cox

                                                       FODC May 2014

Baptist Church, Bolton Road, Darwen

Roll of Honour


We are grateful to Mark Dixon who passed on a copy of the Roll of Honour for the Baptist Church. The Roll contains 71 names, at least 3 were woman and they may have been another 2.


The Roll contains the named of the name that enlisted and returned as well as those who died. We would like to find details of these people. 

Can you help?


(click on the image to see a larger word document version)

The names are:


First Name(s)

Information not on the Roll




Date of Death


























J Bright












J Arthur




















John J




















John H
































Joseph E


















22-Sept 1917 


















George J

































? female
































? female



















James B
























Richard P































                               Tony Foster FODC May 2014

The Redearth Road Primitive Methodist Church War Memorial

In 2010 the Friends of Darwen Cemetery became aware of a broken war memorial that contain one column of 10 names and another column of 11 incomplete names. 


After careful and detailed research the FODC have been able to identify that the memorial came from the Redearth Road Primitive Methodist Church that stood on the site now occupied DACA. The Church was demolished in 1964 and the memorial was placed in the cemetery for safekeeping. The original memorial listed 31 names and was unveiled in 1921.


Brent Stevenson Memorials is restoration the memorial and this will be placed in DACA. A commemorative stone for this memorial will be unveiled on Sunday August 3rd, at 2.30pm and Gwen and Allan Hampson, formerly of Darwen, have funded this work.
The FODC will be producing a booklet on the memorial that will contain a pen portrait of each of the men listed on the memorial. This will be available when the memorial is unveiled.

                                           Tony Foster  FODC May 2014 

The "newest" CWGC gave in the cemetery
Fred Baron
photo_fred_baronUntil recently the Commonwealth War Grave Commission (CWGC) was showing that Fred Baron who died August 16, 1920 was recorded on the Brookwood Memorial, Surrey. 
In early 2013 The Friends of Darwen Cemetery was contacted by the In From The Cold Project and we were able to confirm that Fred was buried in Darwen Cemetery on August 20, 1920. 
He was the son of John and Elizabeth Baron and had emigrated to Canada in 1908 and on the outbreak of the war enlisted in Canadian Forestry Corp, 126 Bn (2nd Quebec Regiment). He died in Lancaster. 

The CWGC has now been updated and shows his final resting place as Darwen Cemetery. 

Click the below link to go to Fred Baron War Grave Sheet

     Fred Baron   
Click the below link to go to all the War Graves 
                                                            FODC May 2014

Our next Public Meeting and AGM

Would you like to find out more information about the Friends of Darwen Cemetery or have any questions you would like to ask us.

Our next Public Meeting and AGM will be held on the 30th April
 2014 at Darwen Aldridge Community Academy (DACA), 
Sudell Road, Darwen BB3 3HD
We will also hold our annual AGM and we have a guest speaker.

The meeting starts at 7.00pm refreshments will be available.

if you would like further information about the meeting please email Peter. 


                                                     FODC April 2014

Your Cemetery Needs You!

your_cemetery_needs_you_march_14On Saturday 8th March
we are holding a Open and Recruitment Day in the Western Cemetery at 10am until 1pm.

We are holding a number of activities on the day such as, a talk on the History of the Cemetery, Hedge Trimming, Path Edging, plus much more.

For further information please ring John on 07885595189

click on the image to enlarge the poster

PDF file

                                                           FODC March 2014

Our Volunteers get a Muck Truck
East Lancashire Masonic Charity made a donation of 2650 to the Friends of Darwen Cemetery recently to fund a Muck Truck for the volunteers to use in the restoration of Darwen Cemetery.

muck_truck_3Terry Woods, volunteer from the East Ribble District Freemasons said, "It gives use great pleasure in presenting the cheque to the Friends of Darwen Cemetery. 

We offered to do some volunteering work around and supporting the friends with some removal of rhododendrons while during the visit."   East Lancashire Mason, David Lightbown, District Chairman who attended the presentation and helped the cemetery volunteers said, "It's clear that you all put much effort and work in, you should be very proud of yourselves.  


We will certainly spread the word about your work and hopefully get another work party together in the near future." 
John East, Chair of the Friends said, "We are so grateful for the donation and the Muck Truck will certainly make things a lot easy for the work parties."


Photographs : left to right Terry woods ERDF, Colin Briggs, FODC, Jill Marr, FODC, Mick Walsh FODC

Photographs by Roy Cox

                                                 FODC March 2014
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