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Darwen Eastern and Western Cemeteries 
have 97 War Graves within the grounds. 
The majority are in the Old Western Cemetery.

The Friends of Darwen Cemetery have prepared a 
number of the War Graves ready for adoption.

We are asking interested families or organisations 
if they would like to adopt a war grave to help 
with the up keep.   


All we are asking is you visit the grave on a regular 
basis and tend the bed of the grave. You may plant 
flowers or place floral tributes,
The Headstones are the responsibility of 
Commonwealth War Graves Commission - 
and they will clean or repair them.

If you would like to Adopt a War Grave
click on the below links

Adopt a War Grave

(Downloadable PDF file)

Health and Safety Form for Adopt a War Grave

(Downloadable PDF file)

Do you want to know how to find out more information about the War Graves?

If you want to know how you can find out more information on any of the War Graves in the Cemetery, click on the below link, Tony Foster has compiled a easy to follow, step by step and where to find guide on how you could find out further information.

Hints on how to find out further information

(downloadable PDF file)

                                                                   (November 2010)

Private John Lonsdale


This is the grave of Private John Lonsdale who served with the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders.

The grave has been Adopted by Peter Tapp and Amanda Palmer, the photographs are the before and after pictures. 

The grave can be found in Section 2 in the Western Cemetery. 
Peter and Amanda are hoping to do some further research on John Lonsdale and will hope to publish what they find soon.

Click the below link to our war grave sheet for Private John Lonsdale

Lonsdale J
                                                                           (November 2010)

Adopt a Grave "it is very Therapeutical"

Thanks Diane.....Was feeling a bit 'down' yesterday - and spent about an hour at the grave.....You can add in your newsletter that it's better than medicine!....I came away feeling much better and it was certainly a stress-buster and very therapeutic.


The grave of Driver Amos Pheasey found in Section 2C

                                                                          (October 2010)

Able Seaman George Calvert



George was born on the 14th January 1885 in Darwen, the second son of William and Maria (known as Marcia) Hill.  He was baptised on the 26th March 1885 at Bolton Road Wesleyan Church, Darwen.

At the age of 29 he was a cotton weaver and lived at 5 Ivy Terrace.  

He married Jane Fish, aged 26 a Confectioner of 443 Bolton Road, at Bolton Road Wesleyan Church on 10th March 1914.  (Her parents were William Fish and Betty Atherton.)


It was reported in the DARWEN NEWS & GAZETTE on the 23rd March 1918 - An intimation has been received at his home in Northcote Street that A.B. (Able Seaman) George Calvert of the Royal Naval Division is now in hospital abroad suffering from gas poisoning.  He is one of four brothers who joined the forces and one as been killed.


It was then reported in the DARWEN NEWS on the 4th May 1918 - News reached Darwen yesterday that Private G Calvert of Northcote Street was badly gassed serving in the seat of war and removed to Hospital in Nottingham were he passed away.  He was married and leaves a widow but with no children.  The second son of William and Marcia Calvert of 5 Ivy Terrace, he made the supreme sacrifice.


His Service Record states, he joined up on 13th June 1917 and was drafted to BEF on the 17th December 1917. He joined Anson Battalion on 5th January 1918 - 12th March 1918.  Gassed and invalided to the UK on 14th March 1918.


He was buried on the 8th May 1918 in Section 4 Plot 1070 where his wife joined him on the 13th December 1937 (she committed suicide).


Bolton Road United Reformed Church has a memorial to him and his two brothers William Henry (born 1888 - died October 1917 in Belgium and Herbert (born1890 - died 26th October 1918 in France.  Another brother Norman served in the Irish Guards and later worked for the Darwen Gazette he died on the 6th February1938 at Southport Infirmary.

                                        (information Courtesy of Teresa Watson)


George Calvert's Grave has been adopted by Whitehall Scout Group together with 5 other War Graves all in Section 4B of the Cemetery (see below for more information) 

Private James Edward Eccles

This is the Commonwealth War Grave of John Edward Eccles adopted by Janet Holmes.

 In a few short months Janet has turned this overgrown neglected grave into a modest memorial to a fallen hero.


For more information on Private James Edward Eccles click on the below Link.

Information on Private James Edward Eccles.pdf

Private J Eccles


This is Ellie Walsh and her Grandad Mr W. L. Walsh tending the grave of
Private J. Eccles of Kings Own (Royal Lancashire Regiment), who died on the 7th March 1916. (Section B 472)  This grave has been adopted by 
St Barnabas Primary School.  

Mr W. L. Walsh & Ellie have also adopted the grave of George &
Frederick Lucas ( Father & Son) 


This is the war grave of E. Jones.

If you fancy a steep climb to Section F of the Old Section of the Western Cemetery your efforts will be rewarded. Look carefully to your left down the slope, and there, slightly obscured by the shrubs and sometimes overgrown grass, you will see the grave of Ernest E. Jones.  He served in the Royal Irish Regiment, as a Private. He died on 20th January 1918, aged 37 years. He was the Son of Mary Jones, of Peabody St., Darwen, 
and the late James Jones.
This grave has been adopted by Mr J. Jones note they share the same name, and thatís not all. 


 a_jones_1  a_jones_2

Corporal W. Lodge

Lisa Heyhurst & Andrew Davies have adopted this WW1 grave of Corporal W. Lodge who died 21st March 1915, his age is unknown.  He served in the East Lancashire Regiment 

 war_grave_lodge  war_grave_lodge

Sapper J. D. Knight

This is the Commonwealth War Grave of Sapper, J. D. Knight, Husband of Annie Knight, of 124, Geoffrey St., Chorley, Lancs. He died on the 12th September 1918 aged 33years old. He served with the Royal Engineers. This grave is adopted and tended by Lisa Heyhurst and Andrew Davies


 war_grave_knight  war_grave_knight

Private  J. Bury

This is the Commonwealth War Grave of Private J. Bury adopted by Lisa Heyhurst and Andrew Davies.  Private Bury served in the East Lancashire Regiment 12th Battalion. He died in 1916 on the 15th April. His age is unknown.
Lisa and Andrew have chosen to use white stones and small flowers.


 war_grave_bury  war_grave_bury

Lance Corporal E. Heys

This is the Commonwealth War Grave of Lance Corporal, E. Heys . He served with the East Lancashire Regiment and died at the age of 29 on the 9th December 1918. He lived in Sudellside St, Darwen with his wife Betsy. He was the son of Thomas and Margaret Heys also of Darwen. 

Adopted in July 2010.


Before: Overgrown          After: Chippings and turf

Whitehall Scout Group have already adopted 6 War 
Graves, on Saturday 26th June Beavers, Cubs and 
Scouts together with the Leaders planted various 
flowers and shrubs on the Graves.








If you are interested in this project please click the Link below. 
Please let us know if there is a particular grave you 
wish to adopt and we will do our best to 
accommodate this. 

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